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Team and Player Registration

2023-24 Team Registration
Team Managers, register your team here!


BEFORE you register your team

Do you know what rink you are playing at?

Have you talked to the rink about ice times for the season?

The WACH Scheduler works directly with Apex and Sport Stable for scheduling. But teams must provide ice times from other rinks as part of the registration process.

Download the form below and input the ice times for your rink to submit with your registration. If you need help or have questions, email the league scheduler at

2023-24 Schedule Form - Google Sheets Link

2023-24 Player/Coach Registration
Skater, Goalie or a Coach? Register for the season here!


BEFORE you register yourself

*Prior to stepping on the ice, a current USA Hockey number and proper registration with WACH is required. Failure to do so will result in fines.*

FINES Associated with Improper Player Registration:
Player not registered with WACH: 
$50 Fine per player for 1st incident, $100 Fine per player for 2nd incident, 3rd incident results in team suspention from the league.
Player not USA Hockey Registered: $1,000 Fine that must be paid before the next season and offending player will be suspended for the remainder of the season.

Starting A New Team?

Follow these steps and if you have any questions, you can find contact information on our Contacts page.


1.) Attend the Annual Meeting that's hosted in the fall. Date, location and time will be posted on our Home Page.

2.) Reserve your ice times. You are responsible for reserving ice at whatever home rink you choose. Your team is required to play every other team within your division twice, once home and once away. So you will need at least enough ice times to cover your home games. (Please note, the more ice times you provide, the easier it is for us to schedule).

3.) Click on the Team Registration button on this page and register your team. You will be required to provide your reserved ice times during registration. An explanation of the divisions is provided on the WACH Season page. If you have any questions about what division you belong in, hit us up, we'll help.

4.) Get your jerseys and find your players. You will need home and away jerseys and your players will need to register through the Player Registration button also found on this page.

Looking to sub or find a team during the season...

If you’re new to the league or just don’t have a team, register through the Coach/Player registration as a Free Agent. Teams will contact you directly about subbing in a game or possibly rostering you for a full season.

Review the Division’s below and find your level of play. If you register as a B level player, you’ll be able to participate in games in the B Division, as well as A Division. C level players can play up to B and A Divisions, etc.


Team is comprised primarily of high-intermediate and advanced level players. These players may have played NCAA Division I or III or any other higher level of women’s hockey. Players at this level have extensive hockey experience and are accustomed to playing a fast game using well-refined hockey skills.

(Formerly A1, adapted from: USA Hockey Women Gold)


Team is comprised primarily of high-intermediate level players. These players may have played varsity high school or non-varsity college (ACHA) levels or may have 10+ years of women’s adult hockey playing experience.  Players at this level may have played ice hockey as children.  A few of the players at this level may be considered “advanced” and have played NCAA Division I or III or any other higher level of women’s hockey, but the majority of the team is considered high-intermediate level.  Players at this level are able to play a faster game safely and can execute integrated hockey plays that utilize strong hockey skills.

(Formerly A2, adapted from: USA Hockey Women Silver)


Team is comprised primarily of lower-intermediate level players. Some of these players may have played non-varsity college levels, but the team is predominantly players with 5-9 years of playing experience as an adult, some may have 10+ years of adult hockey experience. Players at this level have a strong hockey sense and have foundational skills firmly in place.

(Formerly B1, adapted from: USA Hockey Women Bronze)


Team is entirely comprised of novice and low-intermediate level adult players. Although a small number of players may have 10+ years of beginner adult experience, a portion of the team often consists of adult players with 1-5 years of entry level playing experience.  The players at this level are learning about the flow of the game and solidifying hockey sense and foundational skills.

(Formerly B2, adapted from: USA Hockey Women Beginner)‚Äč

Mountain C/D
See above descriptions.

Level E (Developmental)
Team is entirely comprised entirely of  novice level adult players. The team consists of adult players with 0-5 years of entry level playing experience.